Warning:This product contains nicotine.Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
1.How to start a warranty claim?
Dear SanVape customers, we usually provide 6 months warranty for batteries since the purchase date.For convenience, please communicate with the seller to replace the goods within the warranty period firstly.
A.China Manufacturing / Serivice Center: Room 309,3F,Biaofan technology Building,Gongye Road, Tangwei,Bao‘An district,Shenzhen,China
Tel:86-19865820205  Email: support@sanvape.com 
B.The user of other coutries can only get replacement item from the seller.
We authorize every vape shop to process the after-sale service,while they refuse to replace a defective item under warranty ,please report them to us with email,shop name and telephone number.

2.How to get contact with us efficiently?
When you want to get warranty service, please kindly check https://www.sanvape.com/contact-us/ to submit an after sale claim on our website.

3.How to start a warranty claim without the purchase proof?
We usually provide 6 months warranty for batteries since the purchase date. When you start a warranty claim, you may provide the purchase proof (receipt, etc) and the original outer cover of this product. However, you may have lost your receipt for some reason, then there is another way to define warranty period. It is up to the manufacture time in our system, we assume that the manufacture time is your purchase time.
Here is an example:
Warranty claim date:Sep 1st
Manufacture date:March 1st,then it is still within warranty;
Warranty claim date:Sep 1st
Manufacture date:Feb 1st,then its out of the warranty.

.When you try to open a claim but you are not with the receipt picture?
Every SanVape device is with a 6-month warranty since purchase date, when you try to open an after-sale claim, the picture of receipt + serial label are needed by our after-sales service team.
Without the 2 pictures you are unable to go to next step, so what should you do when you are not with the receipt?
Don’t worry, you only need to send the serial label photo to support@sanvape.com
If you have the receipt, what kind of receipt picture will be considered as official? Please ensure below 4 options can be easily seen & found on your receipt.
(1) Purchase date
(2 )Seller name
(3 )Model name of the vape
(4 )Unit price of the vape

5.Warranty attentions
For a better service and convenient verification,we strongly suggest our customers to keep the proof of purchase and the packages including the cover with label.While starting a warranty claim by filling in our warranty system,we need you to provide the receipt picture and label picture with Anti-fake infos.